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  1. Inadequate flashing

    Inadequate flashing Let Our Experienced Techs Help you The flashing is supposed to be the flexible connection between your chimney ... or contract without making a gap between them. If the flashing needs to be repaired or replaced, you will see leaks around the ...

  2. Heavy Rain Can Mean A Leaky Chimney

    ... left completely exposed to water entry from rain. Flashing : Flashing is the water tight strips that seal the seam between your roof and ...

  3. Chimney Flashing

    Image:  Tags:  chimney flashing ...

  4. What could be wrong with my chimney?

    ... Cracked chimney crown   Leaky flashing   Chimney obstruction If you believe that ...

  5. Chimney Cricket

    ... this can usually be tied to problems with the sheet metal flashing . The pooling water can cause severe damage and deterioration. ...


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